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Pure Corn oil 300ml (Zea mays) 100% Natural Cold pressed

Pure Corn oil 300ml (Zea mays)  100% Natural Cold pressed
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Product Code: Pure Corn oil 300ml
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Corn oil is also considered for hair care. It is said to contain 54 percent of omega-6 and 28 percent of omega-9 fats, which lock water inside your hair and make it stronger and better protected against dryness. The promoted benefits include moisturizing the hair follicles, nourishing the scalp, preventing hair dryness and loss, promoting growth, and preventing external damage.
Make your sink shine – Rub oil on your sink using a soft cloth.
Clean wood surface of stuck paper – Rub the area where the paper is stuck with the oil. Let stand until the paper is soft enough for peeling away.
Soften baseball mitt – Rub the palm of the mitt with corn oil, fold the mitt around the ball, and use a rubber band to secure it. Place the mitt overnight between your mattress.
Clean up spots from wood furniture – Put corn oil on a soft cloth, dip into cigarette or cigar ashes, and wipe the area where the white spot or watermark is until it’s gone.
Coat your snow shovel – Rubbing the oil on your shovel will prevent snow from sticking to it.
The inherent benefits of corn, which contains more sugar than other vegetables but, compared with cereal grains like wheat and rice, has a lower calorie count. Corn is filled with flavonoids and lutein, which together help maintain healthy mucus membranes, skin, and vision. Corn is also a vitamin A, thiamin, and vitamin B6 source.
Corn oil is an effective component in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Numerous human studies show that diets enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids can significantly lower elevated blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. 
Corn oil is a rich source of linoleic acid, which is one of two essential acids necessary for growth and good skin and hair quality. 
Corn oil is also recognized as an excellent source of tocopherols. Tocopherols function as antioxidants and provide a good source of Vitamin E.

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