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Pure Apricot Kernel Oil

Pure Apricot Kernel Oil
Brand: deve herbes
Product Code: Pure Apricot Kernel Oil-Prunus armeniaca
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Deve Herbes Pure Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca) 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Cold Pressed



  •  15-100ml (0.50-3.38) Container Type High Quality Amber Glass Bottle
  •  200 ml (6.76 oz) Container Type High Quality Pet Bottle
  •  300-1250ml (10-42 oz) Container Type High Quality Virgin Aluminium Bottle


Bullet Points:-

  • Method of Extraction - Cold Pressed
  • Botanical Name - Prunus armeniaca 
  • Top Reputed Brand - Highly Satisfied Customers in Over 100 Countries
  • Finest Quality - Largest Range of Oils in the World
  • 100% Pure Natural Therapeutic Grade
  • Our Carrier Oils are Cold Pressed as Against Cheap Expeller/Hot Pressed Oils


Apricot Kernal Oil is a light weight Oil that is high in Vitamin A and is very rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid. It has excellent texture that is fantastic for all skin types. Apricot Kernal Oil exhibits skin softening and moisturizing properties which makes it particularly good for skin that is dry, irritated or has prematurely aged. 
Apricot kernel Oil is a well-known Oil worldwide. The benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil range from hair and skin care to aroma therapy and even natural remedies. This is light weight Oil and leaves skin and hair healthy with a ton of silkiness and shine. How it’s made: To create Apricot Kernel Oil, the kernels (which contain about 40-50% Oil) of the apricots are pressed. The extraction method is rather simple. This Oil is moderately refined and expeller pressed. The apricot is a very nutritious fruit, which explains the fact that this Oil is enriched with vitamin A, C, E and fatty acids. Another name for Apricot Kernel Oil is Prunus armeniaca. When applied to the skin, linoleic acid provides an exceeding amount of moisture and comfort to dry or inflamed skin. Thus making this acid extremely popular in the cosmetic world.
Apricot kernel Oil is not only used to mix with lotions, creams, shampoos, and soaps but is also a great Oil on its own.
For Your Face: The Oil can be applied directly to the skin to treat acne and other blemishes. Prematurely ageing and drying skin is no match for Apricot Kernel Oil. This Oil is known as highly moisturizing and soothing as it is enriched with vitamins. Thus explaining why this Oil is wonderful for toning and making facial skin firm.
For Your Skin: When applied directly to the skin, Apricot Kernel Oil promotes skin elasticity while also providing relief to itchy, flaky dry skin. Especially during those dry months! Primarily great for babies skin and sensitive skin.
For Your Hair: Apricot Kernel Oil creates an almost unbelievable silky smooth feeling on your o so luscious locks. The moisture from this Oil also helps in the repair of those stubborn split ends. Lather your hair with Apricot Kernel Oil (or use a shampoo with Apricot Kernel Oil) before any chemical treatment to help prevent dryness and damage. Apricot Kernel Oil is also a great substitute for a leave in conditioner, leaving a beautiful shine and makes it easy for you to show off that new style.
For The Bath: A few drops of this Oil in your warm water will fill the room with a light yet pleasant aroma. This bath will relax you and help push that unwanted and unneeded stress from your body. For the same results, use this Oil in a diffuser. Feel free to add an essential Oil for some extra scent.
For Inflammation: When applied directly to inflamed and painful areas, Apricot Kernel Oil helps reduce inflammation and reduce pain level.
For Massage: Apricot Kernel Oil absorbs quickly into the skin and provides an unbelievable amount of moisture. Massage clientele absolutely love this Oil because it does not leave any sort of residue behind on the skin.



Most Carrier Oils are unscented or lightly scented and don't interfere with an essential oil's therapeutic properties. They may be used alone or with other oils to nourish your skin.

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