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Arabian Mint Organic Tea
Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated once you sip the Arabian ..
Rs.390.00 Rs.345.00
Ex Tax: Rs.345.00
Autumn Black Organic Tea
Deve Herbes provides you the Autumn Black Organic Tea i..
Rs.390.00 Rs.345.00
Ex Tax: Rs.345.00
Chamomile Green Organic Tea
Chamomile Green Organic Tea is a special green tea that..
Rs.390.00 Rs.355.00
Ex Tax: Rs.355.00
Darjeeling First Flush Organic Tea
Prepared from select black tea leaves and buds, the Dar..
Rs.590.00 Rs.495.00
Ex Tax: Rs.495.00
Darjeeling Oolong Classic Organic  Tea
The Darjeeling Oolong Classic Organic Tea is a semi-oxidized..
Rs.690.00 Rs.545.00
Ex Tax: Rs.545.00
English Orchard Green Organic Tea
Take a sip of the English Orchard Green Organic Tea&nbs..
Rs.390.00 Rs.345.00
Ex Tax: Rs.345.00
Green Elixir Organic Tea
Procured from a select range of organic tea gardens of&..
Rs.340.00 Rs.295.00
Ex Tax: Rs.295.00
Green Tea with Lemongrass & Orange-30 Tea Bags (5 extra)
Deve Herbes brings to you the best of health in th..
Rs.195.00 Rs.140.00
Ex Tax: Rs.140.00
Himalayan Tulsi Rhododendron Organic Tea
Treat all conditions that can affect your immunity, eyesight..
Rs.390.00 Rs.345.00
Ex Tax: Rs.345.00
Lemon Green Organic Tea
Improve your digestion and prevent tooth decay as you u..
Rs.370.00 Rs.325.00
Ex Tax: Rs.325.00
lemon green tea with mint 30 Tea Bags (incl 5 extra)
With the freshness of mint and purity of green tea ..
Rs.195.00 Rs.140.00
Ex Tax: Rs.140.00
Masala Chai Organic Tea
The Masala Chai Organic Tea comes with a perfectly stro..
Rs.370.00 Rs.325.00
Ex Tax: Rs.325.00
Nature Care Organic Tea
Obtained from the most popular organic tea gardens, the ..
Rs.390.00 Rs.345.00
Ex Tax: Rs.345.00
Tulsi Green Tea with Cinnamon 30 Tea Bags (incl 5 extra)
Deve Herbes brings to you the Tulsi Green Tea as a..
Rs.195.00 Rs.140.00
Ex Tax: Rs.140.00
White Elixir Tea
White Elixir Tea is considered the champagne of tea! Pr..
Rs.840.00 Rs.695.00
Ex Tax: Rs.695.00

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"Had a decently good experience with this one... Really Light. I used it for my hair, which are quite fine. Doesn't weigh it down at all and acts as a perfect oil. After a gentle wash, my hair have been really soft . Since it's a carrier oil."


"Yes! It works... Though the oil smells like pungent stuff but when applied to the affected areas it really works within a couple of days. You can see the product working. It gives a cool sensation to the skin for a time, which feels great."

Dibyalok Chakraborty

"Very good quality of oil totally awesome oil... original product n oil...shown effect in just one time use. I used it on my hairs for once n m able to notice to its effect...also i used it on my face n i hv found decrease in oil on face since my skin is oily of face."


Deve Herbes



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