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Natural & Pure Essential Oils | Personal Care Products India

Our Story

Dève Herbes is a privately owned natural essential oil company specialising in sourcing finest natural essential oils from authentic manufacturers around the world.

Our founders, a couple, are based out of Rishikesh & New Delhi in India.

This is what they have to say.

‘We always believed in natural & holistic approach towards our wellbeing & discovered that using essential oils were best way to do so.

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Essential Oils

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Carrier Oils

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Aroma Oils

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Ayurvedic Powders

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Body Butters

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Natural Floral Waters (Hydrosols)

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Floral Waxes

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Reed Diffusers - Fragrance Made In Spain

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Hair Care

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Aroma Diffusers (not deliverable outside India)

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"Had a decently good experience with this one... Really Light. I used it for my hair, which are quite fine. Doesn't weigh it down at all and acts as a perfect oil. After a gentle wash, my hair have been really soft . Since it's a carrier oil."


"Yes! It works... Though the oil smells like pungent stuff but when applied to the affected areas it really works within a couple of days. You can see the product working. It gives a cool sensation to the skin for a time, which feels great."

Dibyalok Chakraborty

"Very good quality of oil totally awesome oil... original product n oil...shown effect in just one time use. I used it on my hairs for once n m able to notice to its effect...also i used it on my face n i hv found decrease in oil on face since my skin is oily of face."


Deve Herbes



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